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Trademark infringement of EriePics™


Dearest Erie, PA, family, friends and followers-

There’s a local photo company and colleague attempting to mess with your noggin. I’m so sorry to announce that it breaks my heart there is someone here on the internet trying to mislead the public.

EriePics™ by Michael Nesgoda was born out of a 30+ year genuine love and passion for landscape art and portrait photography. We just officially got started for business in 2020, and the possibilities are endless. At EriePics™, we pride ourselves in being different. In fact, we don't sell just photos, we sell a personalized, artistic photo experience... that you'll look back on through pictures. We get to know our client's, who they are as people, how they like to have fun, and what makes them smile.

Please understand that EriePics™ by Michael Nesgoda is not affiliated with “Erie Photography” or "Erie Wedding & Event Services." If you receive a friend request or invite to a group other than the official EriePics™ by Michael Nesgoda social media pages, you are unfortunately being duped. 😞

As the saying goes, you will always win when you move with love and genuine intentions. Always! Please know we at EriePics™ are in good hands and that proper wheels are in motion.

I thank YOU for your tremendous love and support all along the way!! And I ask you personally and professionally to please continue that tremendous love and support... for my passion and livelihood... as we continue to share with you our labor of love, EriePics™!

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Thank you!!!! ❤️

Your friend and photographer,


Michael Nesgoda

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